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We are a client centric organization that strives for cultivating strong business relationship with our

esteemed clients. Our client centric approach and competitive pricing have helped us in garnering a

niche for ourselves in the domain. With our quality proven range and ethical business practices, we have

been capable of securing a name in the precedence list of our clients. Support from our team members

and our fruitful relations with reputed vendors have made us a force to reckon with. Our quality

conscious clientele is overwhelmed with the quality of our range, and all our endeavors are directed

towards providing our clients with the satisfaction they desire.

Oil Trans International established in Feb 2015 has now grown to be a well-established ,

highly reputed organization and most respected names in the field of oil and gas industry

in the Middle East region. 

We are committed to serve our respective clients in the GCC 

market by providing a complete range of products, accessories and services for oil and gas related projects.

Here are some of our strong ethics we follow.

Transparency: Oil Trans International foundation of a strong relationship with customers, which directly impacts the

success and stability of our company.

Integrity: Oil Trans International believe in morally right based on equality and fairness which demonstrate strength and commendable character.

Trustworthiness: Oil Trans International monumental component to success in business is because people typically like to work with and buy from us and they believe in our principle.

Loyalty: Oil Trans International keep strong Fairness and equality is involved in hiring practices, marketing initiatives, business partnerships and competing within the market for new consumers or clients.

Respect: Oil Trans International keeps strong respect for the rights, privacy and dignity of people including individuals within and outside the company,this is our main ethical standard. We treat all humans with respect

regardless of religion, sex, race, nationality or other signifier .

Lawfulness: Oil Trans International abides all legal regulations and obligations regarding our business activities like taxes, worker safety , employment and labor laws. 

Providing excellence: Oil Trans International always works to deliver the greatest quality of service and products to our clients and suppliers . our gems working with us to pursue creativity and innovation ideas for the best

commitment in customers satisfaction.

Responsibility: Oil Trans International recognize strong responsibilities to our employees and customers and we

understand how this conduct to our leadership in our business.

Accountability: Oil Trans International accept responsibility for all decisions made as a company and admit our mistakes to all of those who may be affected by a misstep including shareholders, employees and the public. In

addition to taking accountability, we also accept any consequences that result and do so transparently.

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